EM Normandie UK Website Standard Terms & Conditions

Article 1: Purpose

These standard terms & conditions define the legal framework for the use of the www.em-normandie.co.uk website and the services it provides. This contract is established between:

  • The internet webmaster, hereinafter called ‘the Publisher’ or ‘EMN’,
  • Any natural or legal entity that wishes to access the website and its services, hereinafter called ‘the User’.

Any User must agree to these website standard terms & conditions and to the fact of accessing the website is deemed to be in full acceptance of such terms and conditions.

Article 2: Legal Notice
For legal entities: the www.em-normandie.co.uk website is published by EM Normandie UK Limited, registered in England & Wales No 11643234 with registered offices at Jericho Building, Oxpens Road, Oxford OX1 1SA, United Kingdom, also referred to as ‘EMN’ throughout this document.

Article 3: Accessing the Services
Any Internet User may access the website free of charge and from any location. Charges incurred by the User to access the website (Internet Connection, Computer Equipment, etc.) are not supported by the Publisher. The website and its various services may be interrupted or suspended by the Publisher, for maintenance in particular, without any prior notice or justification required from the Publisher.

Article 4: Responsibility of the User
The User accepts full responsibility and liability for the use made of the information and content available on the www.em-normandie.co.uk website. Any use of a service by the User which may cause direct or indirect damage must give rise to compensation for the benefit of the website.

Article 5: Responsibility of the Publisher
The Publisher may not be held responsible or liable for any malfunctioning of the server or network in case of emergency or as a result of unforeseen and insuperable action by third party. The website undertakes to apply all necessary means to guarantee the security and confidentiality of data on www.em-normandie.co.uk.

Article 6: Intellectual Property Rights
The content of the www.em-normandie.co.uk website (logos, copy, graphic components, videos, etc.) are protected by copyright, under provision of the Intellectual Property Law. The User must obtain prior authorisation from the Publisher before any duplication, copy or publication of the various types of content. The latter may be used by the User for private use, but any commercial use is prohibited. The User is fully responsible and liable for any content published on-line and undertakes not to infringe third party rights. The Publisher reserves the right to moderate or eliminate freely and at any time those types of content published on-line by the User, without any further justification.

Article 7: Hypertext Links
Domains, which hypertexts found on the website may point to, do not in any way engage the responsibility and liability of the Publisher of the www.em-normandie.co.uk website, as the said Publisher has no control over such links. It is possible for third party to create a link to any page of the www.em-normandie.co.uk website without express permission from the Publisher.

Article 8: Evolution of Website Standard Terms & Conditions
The www.em-normandie.co.uk website reserves the right to modify the provisions of these standard terms & conditions at any time and without any justification required.

Article 9: Duration of the Contract
This contract is formed for an unlimited duration. The contract is applicable to the User from the first time the service is used.

Article 10: Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
This contract is formed under English Law. In the event of litigation that may not be resolved amicably between the User and the Publisher, the Courts in Oxford, United Kingdom, will be competent for settling the dispute.

Article 11: Personal Data
The User may be asked to provide personal information when accessing some services. The User is informed that filling those boxes indicated with an asterisk is compulsory in order to continue navigating the website. Failing to fill out a mandatory box is likely to hinder the creation of the User’s profile, registration of the User’s participation in our events and adequate processing of the User’s requests.

Your consent

By submitting your personal data to www.em-normandie.co.uk you automatically accept that EM Normandie UK Limited or any other corporate entity in the EM Normandie group registers and stores said personal data for the specific purposes outlined below in this Privacy Policy. You also agree that your personal data may be transferred to and stored in a country that is not a member of the European Union or part of the European Economic Area. Please note that the reference to EM Normandie UK Limited in this Privacy Policy covers all entities within the EM Normandie group.

Information About You
When you request information about programmes or other items published on this website by ‘EMN’, certain information will need to be collected about you such as your name, address, email address, gender, phone number and date of birth. ‘EMN’ does not share personal information about you with third parties except to the extent necessary to deliver the services you request.

Information About All Visitors to em-normandie.co.uk
‘EMN’ may gather certain usage information from em-normandie.co.uk, such the numbers and frequency of visitors to our website.

‘EMN’ will at your request or on our own initiative replenish, rectify or erase any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data about you.

Data Security
Personal information collected by em-normandie.co.uk is stored in secure operating environments that are not available to the public.

Areas Not Covered by the Privacy Policy
Personal information that you provide through chat sessions or email exchanges are not covered by this Privacy Policy. We will protect your privacy to the best of our ability by monitoring the sessions, but please keep in mind that you control the information you disclose when you are in a public forum. You should always be careful when distributing your personal information in this manner.
Moreover, it is important to be aware that this policy only applies to em-normandie.co.uk and not to other companies’ or organisations’ websites to which em-normandie.co.uk may link.

If ‘EMN’ decides to change the Privacy Policy, any amendments will be posted on this page so that you are always aware of what information is collected, how it is used and under what circumstances it is disclosed to other companies.

Article 12: Cookies
The User is informed that cookies may be installed on the web browser used. A cookie is a small file a website leaves on the User’s computer to store personal information from the User.
On this website, cookies are used to monitor its audience via Google Analytics and to offer content via Facebook, Google and YouTube.
In all cases, the User may freely administer and erase cookies from the browser. To achieve this, the User may click the following links according to the browser used: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer.