Access and Participation Statement

EM Normandie UK Limited is fully committed to ensuring the widest possible access to, and successful participation, in Higher Education. In our strategic plan training in management is a fundamental means of facilitating the integration of students into society. recognising individual, regional and cultural differences, and ethical considerations, we: 

  • train students and executives to take up the managerial and entrepreneurial challenges of tomorrow, to make decisions and to work in a rapidly changing professional environment,
  • aim to engage, integrate and interact with each site’s regional business and the wider community,
  • aim to participate in local and international development projects,
  • aim to expand the frontier of knowledge through academic research by our students and members of our teaching staff which can be applied to and often translates into, business and management practices in the workplace,
  • offer a progressive education that combines   digital focus, teamwork, and a focus on ethical values,
  • provide lifelong career orientation and support through an increasing network of partner organisations and alumni.

Student services are central to our mission, they work to support our students’ academic experience by helping them to develop their personal, academic and professional skills.  We offer support and assistance to all students as well as more specialised support for those who need it.

Student support and welfare officers facilitate the organisation of extra-curricula activities by student councils.   

Our close relationships with private sector companies ensure excellent positioning of our students in a challenging employment market.

All profits generated by EM Normandie UK Limited are reinvested into achieving our educational mission.

The development of the Oxford Campus forms part of a strategy by the French parent organisation to creat a flexible and dynamic axis linking our sites in Caen, Dublin, Le Havre, Oxford and Paris to offer our students enhanced opportunities in a globalised world.

 Our recruitment process is aimed at all who might benefit from and offer places to those whose qualifications, skills and experience match our requirements. We seek to comply in all respects with the guidance of the UK Competition and Markets Authority.

 We admit students only to programmes which meet their career aspirations. We offer full information and unbiased advice to all applicants and we aim to widen access and offer equality of opportunity to all underrepresented groups of applicants.

Our Student Life Committee (i.e. representation of the student body) is involved in this process and shares ideas and proposals on how to widen access.

For operational reasons, current student recruitment for EM Normandie UK Limited is done through the parent organisation’s international admissions offices in France.  It is envisaged however that these processes will be developed and transferred to EM Normandie UK Limited from 2021 onwards for new programmes.

Outreach activities

The marketing of programmes offered by EM Normandie UK is currently coordinated by the French parent organisation’s central services to ensure coherent group-wide communication.

Outreach activities aimed at attracting students to Higher Education Business and Management programmes offered by EM Normandie UK include, but are not limited to:

  • participation in national and international educational fairs
  • Open Days;
  • regular information sessions on campus for prospective applicants and parents
  • complementary ‘taster’ sessions organised for potential applicants
  • presentation of our programmes to secondary schools and further education institutions
  • presentation on Campus to school groups
  • active presence on social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and of live streaming sessions (e.g., Facebook live)
  • Information made available on the organisation’s webpages.

Throughout its 150-year existence, the French parent organisation has always been committed recruiting students from varied social and cultural backgrounds and this obviously extends to current and future recruitment of students studying at EM Normandie UK. Over the last ten years the parent company has been part, a of a social project “Climbing the ropes of success” where secondary schools and HEI’s provide coaching for pupils from underprivileged areas to increase their chances of taking up higher education. Our organisation is also participating in “EDRESUP”, an association providing mentoring by students enrolled in our programmes for younger potential students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to prepare them for entry into Higher Education. 

Through these types of activities, which will be extended to operations in the UK, we aim to attract students who may not have considered an option to apply for a place with us.  


 The admissions process (Mobility students from EM Normandie France)

Students who have been admitted for an integrated 5-year Bachelor/Masters at EM Normandie France, may enter at 3 different levels depending on qualifications, results in entry tests, experience, and interviews. All students must undertake a minimum of 6 months’ study abroad.

All undergraduate and postgraduate in Business and Management year programmes are delivered to students by EM Normandie UK Limited in Oxford. Delivery is entirely in English with additional EFL tuition mandatory for undergraduate students.


Recruitment procedures for the Bachelor in International Management –

3-year programme

Students can join the Bachelor’s in International Management programme in Year 1 (via Passerelle Bachelor exam) or in Year 3 (with 2-year Higher Education Diploma). There is a specific recruitment procedure for each entry level, in accordance with academic regulations for the programme.

 (i) Admission of French “Post Bac” (English Level 5) students  via the Passerelle Bachelor Exam Test Bank

Passerelle Bachelor is a test bank that serves nine higher education institutes throughout France. It caters for students who wish to accede quickly to operational management functions or those who want to study at Master level. The competitive examination is open to final year secondary students conditional on their success in the ‘baccalaureat’ exam, and to those who have already obtained the ‘baccalaureat’ or a similarly admissible French/foreign diploma. The tests include a series of written papers common to all schools and include synthesis (precis), logical reasoning, openness to the world and foreign languages. The examination board publishes a list of candidates who proceed to oral exams, specific to each school which consists of an interview and a foreign language oral at EM Normandie France.

(ii) Admission of French students holding a 2-year Higher Education Diploma

The Bachelor in International Management is also open to candidates who hold a 2-year degree in higher education with at least 120 ECTS credits (or equivalent). Such candidates access Year 3 directly, after their application has been screened and they have passed the interview and foreign language test. In 2018, 48 students were enrolled via this process, compared with 27 in 2014 (and increase of 78%).

(iii) Admission of foreign exchange students

Exchange students from the organisation’s  200 partner universities worldwide are pre-selected by their home universities. They must have validated 120 ECTS (or equivalent). EM Normandie reviews the transcripts of their credits and organises a final selection with an interview and language test (French or English), depending on the Year 3 option the student has chosen. Tuition fee-paying foreign students who hold a ‘baccalaureat’ or equivalent foreign diploma (when applying for Year 1), or who have validated 120 ECTS or equivalent (when applying for Year 3), may also apply. The admission procedure consists of screening of the application, an interview, and an oral foreign language test.


Recruitment procedure for the Master in Management (Programme Grand Ecole – ‘PGE’) – 5-year programme

 It is a unique feature of the EM Normandie organisation in that it offers three entry points to the Master in Management Programme, depending on the level applicants have reached by the time they register for the competitive admissions exam: ‘Post Bac’ (English Level 5), ‘Classes Préparatoires’ (specific French 2-year preparation courses) and ‘Batchelor’ (English Level 6)

(v) SESAME test bank post -’baccalaureat’,

– BCE test bank for “Classes Préparatoires”,

Passerelle 1” test bank (Bac + 2 years of Higher Education), and “Passerelle 2” (Bac + 3 ir + 4 years of Higher Education)

All three admission exams are national tests common to several schools, i.e., seven schools for ‘SESAME’, 13 schools for ‘Passerelle’ and 23 for  ‘BCE’. There are two stages in the recruitment process: written papers that are common to all schools, and oral tests that may be specific to each school. This variety of access routes aims at increasing the diversity of the student profile on each programme and to enriching the exchange of experiences between students. A specific access route is reserved for international students via the “Passworld” test bank.


The admissions process for direct entrants to EM Normandie UK Oxford


(i) Recruitment for the planned “BA International Business” programme


Recruitment of Bachelor students in International Business enrolled with EM Normandie UK is by application, followed by an interview. A first selection is made by a core faculty member responsible for student recruitment, based on the application file. Particular attention is given to the academic quality of the application submitted by candidates, who are then invited for an interview.


These degree programmes are open to candidates who have successfully completed their A-Levels.

All candidates who are not native English speakers, must provide proof of an English language level of at least TOEIC 750 or equivalent IELTS or European Language Framework.

(ii) Recruitment of Specialized Master’s students

Recruitment of Specialized Masters’ students  is by application, followed by an interview.  A first selection is made by a core faculty member responsible for student recruitment, based on the application. Particular attention is given to the academic quality of the application submitted by candidates, who are then invited for an interview.


These programmes are open to candidates who hold a Master level degree or a 4-year bachelor’s degree.

 All candidates who are not native English speakers, must provide proof of an English language level of at least TOEIC 750 or equivalent IELTS or European Language Framework.


(iii) Recruitment of candidates for the planned Global MBA programme

Candidates for the Global MBA programme must have several years’ experience  (they are often in mid-career) for the option ‘’management by project’ or ‘maritime transport’s logistics’   A deciding factor is whether the students seek to acquire f competencies which will translate  into openings at executive-level in their existing workplace, or in the context change in their professional lives. The steps in the admission process are as follows: (1) Interview with the head of the option (Management by Project or Maritime-Transport, Logistics); (2) Application; (3) Screening by Admissions Board; (4) Administrative and Funding Validation.

 All candidates who are not native English speakers, must provide proof of an English language level of at least TOEIC 750 or equivalent IELTS or European Language Framework.

In all its undertakings, EM Normandie UK Limited is committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity and to fostering good relations for students and prospective students in all the following areas:

  • Access and recruitment
  • Admissions and retention
  • Assessments and progress
  • Provision of student services
  • Teaching, learning, examinations,
  • Community links and partnerships.

It is our aim is to ensure that all students and prospective students are treated equally, irrespective of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy, age, disability, religion and belief, socio-economic class or spent criminal convictions.

4 – Support to students

EM Normandie UK Limited provides dedicated support to all its students to ensure their success before and after enrolment:  the Chairman of the parent company in France  “Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Inclusion Department”   has also been appointed to lead the “Special Needs Group”  representing all 216 ‘Grands Ecoles’ in France. ‘  

Each campus retains a counsellor who is available to students either face-to-face or on-line as well as a student officer. In addition to this, a special needs co-ordinator is responsible for

  • needs assessment of support with dyslexia and other SEN,
  • provision of reasonable adjustments in case of specific learning disabilities,
  • advice on transnational mobility,
  • facilitate access to advice on chronic health issues- advice on financial issues.

EM Normandie UK Limited has a range of general support measures in place for students facing financial difficulties.  These include partial fee waiver and an emergency social fund available to all students.

Student satisfaction is monitored on an on-going and frequent basis through various survey the outcomes of which are published on-line and are accessible our website.   EM Normandie UK Limited operates an ‘open door policy’ to allow our students continued access to teaching or other members of staff.  We value and promote our students’ involvement through their representation both at under undergraduate and post graduate levels. These include the ‘Student Life Committee’ monthly student delegates’ meetings and “Meet the Campus Director” events.

5 – Transition to employment

EM Normandie UK Limited operates a ‘Career Path’ scheme in all its programmes. . The aim of the scheme is to maximise our students’ potential to gain employment appropriate to their level of qualification. . The scheme consists of training modules for the search of employment, CV workshops, individual coaching sessions, co-development and feedback sessions, the use of a wide variety of personal development tools, and the availability of a range of on-line platforms including job search, interview simulations, tutorials and videos.

EM Normandie UK limited provides opportunities for internships and junior or professional consulting projects. Bespoke current and future events during the course may include:

  • Job Meet-up: a series of 15-minute interviews with prospective employers for Internships, apprenticeships or permanent and short-term contracts.  Occupational Workshops: students meet the school’s recent graduates and discuss their professional career with them.
  • Ultimate Job Battle: this is an on-line recruitment competition in the form of a game to reward students’ creativity and knowledge of business organisations.

The parent organisation in France consistently achieves excellent employment outcomes for its students. Most recent figures show that 88.2 percent of graduates from its flagship ‘Grandes Ecole’ programme were in employment 3 months after graduation. 60 percent of these found a job before graduating. Almost 50 percent of students secured employment through support by their school, and 96 percent of students were satisfied with their first job.

The French parent organisation is a highly respected provider of Higher Education Programmes in France. Their expertise and long-term economic success enable them to support EM Normandie UK Limited as a new provider of Higher Education programmes in the UK, to monitor the quality of the academic programmes and research and to facilitate growth and continuity.

Attainment EMN France 2016-17 and 2017-18

Year Total Graduating Granted progression + 1 year Granted progression + 2 years Fail/withdrawn 2016-17 665 405 (61%) 145 (22%) 75 (11%) 38 (6%) 2017-18 723 436 (60%) 153 (21%) 90 (13%) 44 (6%) *included in these figures are students who have attended EMN Oxford as part of their studies

94% of all EM Normandie students in France start and complete their degree course with us.

Successful registration with the Office for Students will allow EM Normandie UK Limited to develop high quality academic programmes which will attract both UK and international students with on-going support and guidance from the parent organisation. Students will gain an excellent education with from access to student exchange programmes and double degrees of over 200 partner universities in 60 countries. They will exchange on a continuous basis with their counterparts at other sites of the organisation in France and Ireland and they will be supported and mentored both during and after their studies through a network of over 20 000 alumni in over 100 countries