Student Protection Plan

1. An assessment of the range of risks to the continuation of study for your students, how those risks may differ based on your students’ needs, characteristics and circumstances, and the likelihood that those risks will crystallise

EM Normandie UK Ltd is fully committed to ensuring the success of all our students, and regularly monitors risks that have the potential to affect student outcomes through its ongoing processes of strategic planning, Risk Assesments and through regular up-dating of policies and procedures such as our Business Continuity policy, Health & Safety Policy and Covid/Lockdown Policy. 

EM Normandie UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of a large, well established and successful French business school, founded in 1871. The parent organisation has charitable status and all profits are reinvested for the benefit of students. Courses are accredited by international accreditations such as AACSB, EQUIS, EPAS and BSIS. The organisation is listed as one of the top 100 European business schools and as delivering one of the top 100 best Masters’ degrees in management world-wide by the Financial Times. The development of the site in Oxford is a strategic priority for the French parent organisation to which significant resources have been allocated. These resources, together with the measures detailed below will effectively manage risks to the operations of EM Normandie UK Limited in the years ahead. 

Risk that the EM Normandie will cease to operate is low

From a financial perspective, the risk that EM Normandie UK Ltd will cease to operate is very low. The parent organisation has a five-year strategic plan which envisages continued growth with a budget of 

EUR 40 million. EM Normandie UK Ltd plays an important part in this long-term strategic planning. The plan is monitored on a continuous basis by the Board and the finance committee which meet quarterly. The finance committee approves and monitors the annual accounts and through its independent audit function monitors compliance with internal financial procedures. External audits of yearly accounts are carried out by KPMG.

Risk that the institution will close a location building or campus and cannot find a suitable location is low 

We are currently located in purpose-built premises in central Oxford leased from City of Oxford College. This arrangement is well established and mutually beneficial. A second three-year lease has been in place since July 2020. The school is in negotiations with the college for additional teaching space on-site. 

Risk that EM Normandie is unable to deliver programmes in specific subjects is low 

Once students are admitted to courses, EM Normandie UK Ltd is committed to providing those courses as specified at admission, as detailed in our statement on consumer protection. The French parent organisation acts as guarantor. It takes full responsibility for meeting the requirement and has the necessary resources to do so. 

Risk that EM Normandie will be unable to deliver components of our courses is low

EM Normandie UK Ltd has significant depth of subject knowledge within its teaching body. Robust HR and other contractual arrangements are in place to ensure we have sufficient and highly qualified staff in place to carry out the delivery of all course components. EM Normandie UK Ltd is committed to delivering all programmes as advertised and to all students once admitted. 

Risk that EM Normandie will be unable to staff its course is low

EM Normandie UK Ltd is a specialist provider of high-quality European Masters level business education, with an international outlook. The vast majority of our academic staff are UK nationals, familiar with and competent to teach in English to the standards expected for the delivery of programmes offered by EM Normandie UK  and similar high quality business schools globaly. EM Normandie parent organisation has similarly qualified staff across its various campuses across France and Ireland and EM Normandie UK Limited would be able, if necessary, to draw from this group of highly qualified teachers. 

2. The measures that you have put in place to mitigate those risks that you consider to be reasonably likely to crystallise

The physical infrastructure of our site in Oxford is of high quality and is covered by an extensive range of risk management protocols and procedures, including business continuity processes which should ensure that disruption is minimized in the event of unexpected events such as fire or a major security incident. 

Our lease of the premises provides an adequate notice period to enable preparation for an alternative site in the event that this lease is not renewed. 

All new programmes must undergo an exhaustive process of pre-approval, covering business case analysis, and resource review prior to progressing to detailed design and academic approval (validation). This process ensures all courses meet demand in an effective way. External review mechanisms through the accreditations with EQUIS and AACSB also inform this process and insure the continued high quality delivery of all courses. 

Once students are admitted to courses, EM Normandie UK Ltd is committed to providing those courses as specified at admission, as detailed in our statement on consumer protection. As stated above, the parent organisation takes full responsibility for meeting this requirement and has the necessary resources to do so. 

EM Normandie UK Ltd mainly recruits within the UK but is also closely monitoring the development of UK government policy in respect of the mobility of lecturers and researchers from the EU and other countries to Oxford. 

Any non-UK members of staff permanently based at Oxford have taken the appropriate steps to regularise their status in the UK from 1st January 2021. 

3. Information about the policy we have in place to refund tuition fees and other relevant costs to our students and to provide compensation where necessary in the event that we are no longer able to preserve continuation of study

ln the very unlikely event that we are unable to provide in full the programmes to which students have been admitted at our Oxford campus, we will fully comply with the requirements laid down by UK Consumer Protection law (see our detailed submission). All students are guaranteed an opportunity to complete their courses at another EM Normandie campus (Le Havre, Caen, Paris, or Dublin) at no additional cost. ln the event that such courses may not be available at other EM Normandie campuses (i.e. unique to Oxford) we will endeavour to transfer students to comparable courses at other institutions. Where changes to a programme are to be made these must be made following the established procedure which requires adequate consultation with students, and approval through the academic committee process. Compensation arrangements where applicable are as detailed in EM Normandie’s General Conditions for Training Services and available on EM Normandie UK’s website: 

4. Information about how we will communicate with students about our student protection plan

This Student Protection Plan will be publicised and communicated as follows:

  • On our website
  • Within our terms and conditions, shared with applicants prior to accepting an offer
  • As part of the enrolment process 
  • Through the Student Life Committee